Monthly Membership

$27.00 / Month

Maximize Marketing Club is an exclusive online community for solopreneur women who understand that building relationships is vital to growing a small business. As a member, you’ll learn how to make the most of today’s marketing platforms, attract prospective clients, and get the results you need.

What is Maximize Marketing Club?

woman solopreneur online

Maximize Marketing Club is an online marketing community created exclusively for solopreneurs like you!

So much of the marketing advice out there is geared towards large businesses with huge budgets and a dedicated marketing team, and trying to apply those strategies to a one-person operation can be quite frustrating.

Your Club Facilitator, Janet Barclay keeps an eye on marketing trends and tools, filters out the information that’s relevant to you, and delivers it in organized bite-size pieces.

How does it work?

At the beginning of each month, you’re presented with a challenge related to a specific marketing topic. To help you complete the challenge, you’ll receive:

  • Lessons and homework assignments
  • Valuable reports, templates, and other resources
  • Online discussions and live chats with your Club Facilitator and other members

You’ll also have the opportunity to access a wider audience for your content, while discovering new content to share with your followers and readers.