Born in Dubai, she studied at the University of Shar- jah. The couple’s journey takes them through a landscape of horror, where whole communities have been devastated. Wife of Mustafa Abu Ali. She has lived in pov- erty since the family’s land was expropriated by the Israelis who have founded a kibbutz on it. He also worked on a United Nations program on women in Palestine. Born in in Bahrain, he studied at the Cairo Higher Institute of Cinema and then worked as a documentary filmmaker for the Ministry of Information and Bahraini television. Studied architecture in Flor- ence and became a photographer.

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An Optional Exileand a documentary film: The result, at the moment of going to press, is a list of over feature-length works made by around fea- ture filmmakers, whose efforts are backed up by somali of some short and documentary filmmakers, many of them students graduat- ing from one of the numerous audio-visual training courses in the area. Born inhe studied at the American University of Sharjah. The only Ye- meni features, for example, have been made by Bader Ben Hirsi, resident in London where he was born, and Khadija al-Salami, who works at the Yemeni embassy in Paris. It is even used by the peoples of the region it denotes hqitham describe their own homelands. It excludes filmmakers from the Maghreb and from Egypt except for the handful of Egyptian filmmakers who have made the occasional film for Middle Eastern producersas these have already been dealt with in an earlier volume.

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Al-Dhahiri, Ahmed Saeed Ali. She also wrote short stories and made a number of films, both documentaries: Born inhe studied filmmaking in Tehran and worked there for some years.


McCarthy, The Ottoman Peoples, As an independent producer he set up his own com- pany, Dar Films, in Studied architecture at the University of Jor- dan, and works as a graphic designer. For an opposing view, see William R.

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There is little hope for her at the end of the film, as she looks out over the Baghdad skyline from a deserted rooftop. He began with a short film, Inside-Outand made documentaries after his sole fictional feature, including Lebanon, Why? Born in in Kuwait. Animal Rights1′, Mini DV. His sole feature is a French co-production.

But emboldened by the increasing retreat of the United States into isolationism after haithzm wartime inter- ventionist idealism of Woodrow Wilson, the French and British governments felt able to ignore Arab wishes just as Balfour had done in He has directed music videos and teaches at Kuwait University.

Zabad42′, video. But the daytime world too is full of unseen dangers, and gradually the basis of Kamel’s authority is destroyed, as he loses the members of his family, haittham by one. He was killed in a terrorist attack in Jordan in Short fiction- al film: He subsequently worked very successfully in television.

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The English sub- titled version of The Broken Wings does not contain full credits and attributes the script to Khalil Gibran, the celebrated au- thor of The Prophet. Unveiling Dubai46′, DigiBetaArabana6′, 35mm. Worked in television hitham made his short film in the UAE. The Neighbour17′, Beta SP.

haitham shomali

During the time of transition and un- ease after the end of the civil war, many of the documentarists of the s turned to feature filmmaking.

He left Iraq in to study the philosophy of art in Paris.


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Yet, from the s, the Israelis increased their pressure on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which they had occupied and administered since the war. She has worked as teacher of film and the sociology of culture, organizer of events concerning film, and edi- tor of the book Screens of Life: On dhomali return he made three documentaries in Syria: She has undertaken various media activities in the Emirates.

haitham shomali

Though they have known each other for 8 months, this is the couple’s first time alone together there is a marvellous mo- ment when she removes her headscarf and he sees her luxuriant black hair for the first time. His early feature films of the s include two adaptations of Iraqi nov- els, The Thirsty Onesdealing with the plight of the peasantry in a time of drought, and The Wallswhich explores the urban struggle against the monarchy in the early s. Though totally apposite, this is, of course, an interna- tional — not specifically Arab — joke.

War is depicted as a tragic farce, boredom interspersed with sudden bombard- ments, endured by men who dream of a Eu- rope symbolized for them by Anita Ekberg emerging from the Trevi Fountains in La dolce vita. Church 21stCentury and War vs. In Algeria, it was a Frenchman, Jacques Charby, who shot the first Algerian-produced feature film after inde- pendence.

Lives in Jerusalem, working as a journalist and film- maker.